We call this place Zany Earth, It’s pretty special

Zany Earth began as a catchy phrase among a crew of friends traveling west. Quirky shenanigans and funny landscapes were deemed “ZANY” and from the then on the catch phrase ZANY EARTH grew to be a movement of those who stand out, are a little odd, like to explore this world we live in, and love to have a good time. We use this space we occupy to bring a little creative energy into our existence.

Every single day brings a new opportunity to make something awesome. We’re not here just to grind away at jobs we hate and pay bills for trivial things that don’t really bring us joy. We’re here to create, make friends, love each other, take trips, go out on a limb... a limb that just might break and fall into the ocean, haha… to take chances that might make a fool of ourselves but just might make us happy. We’re here to laugh and feel good! Zany Earth, or ZANY for short, is about you and me, our friends and family, the freaks and the geeks, the people that don’t quite fit into any genre but are unique to themselves. Being “Zany” is about enjoying the here and now and loving every minute of life here on this Zany Earth!