What is ZANY!?

Amusingly unconventional and idiosyncratic

"Zany Earth" began as a catchy phrase among a crew of friends packed into a Subaru traveling from Minnesota to California and back. Fun times were had and road trip shenanigans + funny landscapes were all deemed “ZANY” and from the then on the words ZANY EARTH grew to be a band of weirdos who love to explore and have a good time. We use this space we occupy to bring a little creative energy into our existence. 

Every single day gives brand new opportunities to create something awesome. We’re here to create, make friends, love each other, take trips, go out on a limb... to take chances! We’re here to laugh and feel good! Zany Earth, or ZANY for short, is about all of us here on this planet, you and me, our friends and family,  we all have quirks- we all have something about us that is a little “ZANy”  

 here's some pics and vids of our zany friends