ZANY is our brand name!
A lot of people don't realize that the word 'zany' is not only just the name of a brand but also a real word that inspires the brand ZANY. Generally speaking the word zany portrays an attitude that is playful, fun, amusing, out of the norm, odd, strange, exciting, and all together different, special and unique! You might say an excited person is zany; or that skateboarding, snowboarding and a bunch of other types of alternative hobbies and lifestyles are a little zany.  
The story of how we became ZANY the brand goes back a little ways. Ryan Paul started the Zany Earth blog in 2011 when blogspots were looked at like like Instagram. Zany Earth was a place to share really anything on earth that matched up with that zany brand of energy and could be enjoyed by the viewers of this zany earth blog. 
In time some ZE stickers and apparel were made as well as some collaborative products here and there with different companies. 
ZANY evolved into more of a brand than a blog, who's primary means of expression is clothing and media. Although sometimes still referred to in full as "Zany Earth" the brand also goes by just the word ZANY 
Over the years Ryan started a couple other brands and got together with Kasey who had brands as well. Many of their brands fit well with the overall zany mentality and aesthetic. They decided to create a space where anyone could have easy access to these brands- thus, was born!
The Zany Store, also referred to by the word ZANY, carries and distributes a variety of brands that cater to the styles of many but all share similar brand objectives of fun, exploration, and inclusivity. 
ZANY has grown and expanded from just carrying apparel to now supplying hard goods such as skateboards and snowboards. We wouldn't exactly put the skate or snow "boardshop" name on it though. Boards are things that support our overall zany mission and are merely tools to that expression.
We are stoked to be on this journey and invite you to join us!