WET 150


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Wicked Extreme Teleporter !:. Put simply, this board will teleport you into dimentions unbeknownst to the unwetted. Wet your whistle with the wickedest ride out right now! Wicked Extreme Teleporter, WET!:.

Ryan A. Paul Pro Board


Flex: 5

Board Shape: Classic Round, Twin Tip

Camber Profile: Mellow camber, practically flat with early rise tips

Core: Poplar, Paulownia & Bamboo (eco friendly)

Pop: Carbon fiber stringers from bindings to tips

Base: Sintered  |  Urethane sidewalls  |  Glossy topsheet

all SLEEP boards can be enjoyed by anybody, designed for every body



Effective Edge 113.4 cm  •  Contact Length 111 cm  •  Tip Length 19.5 cm  •  Tail Length 19.5 cm  •  Tip Width 29.3 cm  •  Waist Width 25.1 cm  •  Tail Width 29.3 cm  •  Sidecut Radius 7.25 m  •  Camber 2 mm