Imagine this… you’re hanging out with your buds, it’s almost 1 AM and tomorrow you’re going to shred! You’re so excited that you just drank 5 orange sodas and can’t stop talking about it. Next thing you know you’re boarding at your favorite place with all your best friends. But there is a twist! The world you’re living in now is mystical and serene. The sky is a tangerine sunset, but it’s the middle of the day, and the color brightens everything the eye can see. It’s magical and you’re stoked! A mysterious and mythical creature jumps out at you! It’s the Zebra Goat and she blesses you with the enchanted board of your dreams. This is it! You slide, grind, hop, and jump and each movement vibrates euphoria through your entire being. This new board turns everything into gold! All of a sudden, you wake up drenched in sweat! Was it all just a dream!? What about the board!? You exclaim, “Can I just keep the board!”… Poof! Something bright catches your eye and you turn your head to see it standing tall next to your bed. It’s The ZEBRA GOAT 155! LET THE SHRED BEGIN! 

  • 155 cm
  • Art By: R.A.P!:.
  • Only 6 boards ever made: Sleep Limited!
  • Flex: 6
  • Board Shape: Blunted Twin Tip
  • Camber Profile: Camber with Flat Mid Section, Mellow Section at tips
  • Core: Poplar Palownia with Biaxial Glass under binding inserts
  • Pop: Carbon fiber stringers from bindings to tips
  • Base: Sintered
  • Sidecut Bumps
  • Unisex: SLEEP boards can be rode by anybody, designed for every body.



Effective Edge  119.4 cm
Contact Length  117 cm
Tip Length  18 cm
Tail Length  18 cm
Tip Width  30.1 cm
Waist Width  25.7 cm
Tail Width  30.1 cm
Sidecut Radius  7.8 m
Camber  6 mm

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